(plural halves [hɑːvz] ) grammar word summary: Half can be: ■ a determiner: We live half a mile up the road. ■ a pronoun: Let's share the prize money. You can have half. ♦ Half of us are still unemployed. ■ an adjective: We ordered a half bottle of red wine. ■ an adverb: I was only half awake. ♦ A nurse only earns half as much as a doctor. ■ a noun: The group was divided into two halves. ■ a number: Emma could talk well by the age of two and a half.
1) one of two equal parts of a number, amount, group, or object
Only half the population voted in the election.[/ex]
The students spend half their time on practical work.[/ex]
The fabric is half nylon, half cotton.[/ex]
Jasmine started school when she was four and a half.[/ex]
We had to wait half an hour for a bus.[/ex]
Peel the potatoes and cut them in half.[/ex]
The risk of developing lung cancer has been reduced by half.[/ex]
half a dozen (= 6) eggs[/ex]
Prices rose by over 15% during the second half of 1988.[/ex]
2) partly but not completely
The door was half open.[/ex]
I only half understood the instructions.[/ex]
a half-empty milk bottle[/ex]
3) one of the two equal periods of time into which a game of football, basketball etc is divided
half the fun/problem/trouble etc — a large part of the fun/problem/trouble etc that is involved in something[/ex]
Putting up the decorations is half the fun of Christmas.[/ex]
half one/two/three etcBritish spoken thirty minutes after one o'clock/two o'clock etc[/ex]
half past one/two etc — thirty minutes after one o'clock/two o'clock etc[/ex]
The shops close at half past five.[/ex]
not half as good/bad/much etc as — used for emphasizing that one person or thing is not nearly as good/bad etc as another[/ex]
It wasn't half as difficult as I expected.[/ex]

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